Gas Station Disco @ 930pm October 26-27 Halloween!!

Gas Station Disco PIB favorite, Gas Station Disco starting at 930pm, October 26-27. Halloween is the 27th!!    www.commodoreresort.com

Cross Eyed Willy 930pm October 19-20

Cross Eyed Willy Cross Eyed Willy starting at 930pm October 19-20      www.commodoreresort.com  

Master TC & The Visitors @ 930pm October 13th

Master TC & The Visitors Master TC & The Visitors October 13 at 930pm!!        www.commodoreresort.com  

Karama Committee 930pm September 28-29

Karma Committee Chicago’s own Karma Committee, September 28-29 starting at 930pm!!      www.commodoreresort.com